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Blackberry Client Configuration

The client software mentioned here is the Blackberry SyncJe client from Nexthaus.

Please note that this client is not a GroupWiseSync product and is not included in the subscription cost. Any client licences must be purchased from Nexthaus.

We can also only offer limited support for this application. For full client support please contact Nexthaus directly.


On your mobile device select the SyncJeBB application found in the "Applications" section.

Now you will need to select the Settings option from the main menu.

You need to enter the following details in order to synchronise with GroupWiseSync:

Server URL: http://sync.GroupWiseSync.com
User Name: Your GroupWiseSync username
Password: Your GroupWiseSync password

Next you need to select the calendar option and enter the name Calendar into the "Foldername" field.

If you are using a GroupWiseSync Premium account you can synchronise Contacts. Select the contacts option and enter the name Contacts into the Foldername field.

You may also need to enter your WAP gateway settings, these will be provided by your network provider.

Once done select the Save option from the menu.


To start the synchronisation process you need to select the Start Sync option from the menu:


The SyncJe client provides the AutoSync feature to allow you to automatically synchronise with the GroupWiseSync server.

We request that the sync intervals are set to no less than 15 minutes for fair usage.
If AutoSync is set to less than 15 minutes, you may be in violation of the GroupWiseSync Terms & Conditions.