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Apple iPhone Configuration Guide

In order to synchronise the iPhone with GroupWiseSync you will need to download and install a 3rd party sync client onto your device. The recommended client is the Todo+Cal+Sync application available on the AppStore.

Apple do not allow 3rd party applications to access the native calendar database on the iPhone. The Todo+Cal+Sync application provides you with a 3rd party calendar and tasks application that can be fully synchronised with GroupWiseSync.

Sync using the Todo+Cal+Sync application
Sync via Outlook (using the Funambol Outlook plugin)
Sync using 3rd party iPhone clients

Sync using the Todo+Cal+Sync application
You can download the Todo+Cal+Sync application directly from the App Store on your device (simply search for "Synthesis").

Once you have downloaded and installed the Todo+Cal+Sync application onto your iPhone you will see the Todo+Cal icon on the main application screen.

Selecting the Todo+Cal icon will open the application and you will be shown the "All Todos" screen, which is where you can create your task list on the iPhone. Sliding the screen left will show the month view for calendar, sliding left again will show the calendar day view, and sliding once more will show the calendar list view.

By tapping the Sync icon in the upper left part of the screen (except for on the calendar month view) you will be taken to the sync section of the application

On the main screen you will find the "Start Sync" button at the top of the screen, as well as a sections regarding the last sync details of each datastore (Contacts, Todos and Calendar).

At the bottom of the client you will see 4 tab buttons:

  • Synchronize - select to display the main screen.
  • Settings - select to view the settings options.
  • Log - select to view the log file for your sync attempts.
  • About - select to view details about the client, including the version number.


Selecting the Settings button

Here you will be able to change settings for each section of the Todo+Cal+Sync application as well as enable/disable each section you want to synchronise.

Server Settings

The settings required for the Synthesis SyncML client are as follows:

  • URL: http://pda.groupwisesync.com/
  • SyncML Version: SyncML 1.1
  • Ignore SSL errors: On (if the URL is changed to use https)
  • User: Your GroupWiseSync username
  • Password: Your GroupWiseSync password

Please do not enable the Log next sync option unless requested by the GroupWiseSync support team. If this option is enabled the device log file will be sent to the client developer and not ourselves.

Contacts Settings

Full details on sync modes can be found on the Sync Mode Help page.

The server path you will require is Contacts.

Todos Settings

Full details on sync modes can be found on the Sync Mode Help page.

The server path you will require is Tasks.

The "Include Tags" option allows you to store the tags information for your tasks in your GroupWise account (tags are the task "categories"). This information will be synchronised to GroupWise as completed tasks and stored in their own "Tags" category in GroupWise.

You can still use tags on the device if you choose not to synchronise this information, the device will just not store this in GroupWise.

Calendar Settings

Full details on sync modes can be found on the Sync Mode Help page.

The server path you will require is Calendar.

GroupWiseSync does not use the devices date range settings so the "Limit" option can be turned off.

Todo+Cal+Sync Synchronisation Log

The log file will show you details of all of your recent sync attempts. The most recent sync attempt will be shown at the top of the list.

Each log will show the date and time of the sync process as well as what sync mode was in use at the time.

You will also see details on how many items were added, updated or deleted by the device and/or server, as well as information on any items that were rejected by the device and/or server.

Finally you will be able to see the amount of data (in bytes) that was sent and received during the sync.

You can clear the log file by clicking the trash can icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Sync via Outlook (using the Funambol Outlook plugin)
Synchronising via Outlook is not a direct synchronisation between your iPhone and your GroupWise Calendar but it still allows you to synchronise your GroupWise Calendar and Contacts to your device.

This setup requires that you are able to synchronise your iPhone with the Outlook client on your desktop, and then synchronise your Outlook client with your GroupWiseSync account.

The basic steps involved are as follows:

  • Setup the free Funambol Outlook plugin to connect to your GroupWiseSync account.
  • Setup iTunes to connect to the Outlook client on your desktop.
  • Use Funambol to synchronise your GroupWise Calendar and GroupWiseSync Contacts to Outlook.
  • Use iTunes to synchronise your iPhone with Outlook, essentially synchronsing your GroupWise and GroupWiseSync data to your device.

Outlook Configuration

A detailed guide on how to obtain and configure the Funambol Outlook plugin can be found here.

iTunes Synchronisation Configuration

Please use the image below to configure iTunes to synchronise with your Outlook client

When you connect your iPhone to your desktop it should automatically synchronise with your Outlook client.

All you need to do is ensure that you have synchronised Outlook with your GroupWiseSync account and you will have all of your GroupWise Calendar and GroupWiseSync Contact information synchronised to your iPhone.

Sync using 3rd party iPhone clients
Other sync clients are available for the iPhone such as the Funambol iPhone Plug-in.

A client is available from Nexthaus for iPhone devices using version 1.x of the operating system, which allows you to synchronise both calendar and contacts wirelessly with GroupWiseSync. Unfortunately this is only available on devices that have been "jail broken".

Nexthaus also plan to release an updated version of their SyncJe client (to work with iPhone version 2.x) but no release date has been announced so far. You can find details on the Nexthaus SyncJe client on their website.

Regardless of the iPhone client you use the configuration details will be the same that are used for the GroupWiseSync iPhone client.